About Our Dealership

Fort Wayne Speed Shop is dedicated to performance and only uses the best parts. With our in-house machine shop, we are capable of fabricating anything your bike will need to achieve peak performance, on or off the track.

Fort Wayne Truck and Bike

Dave's Bike at Fort Wayne Speed Shop


Fort Wayne Speed Shop has a cylinder hone in-house with years of experience. We can over-bore Shovel-heads to 100 cubic inches, Twin Cams to 135 cubic inches and Milwaukee 8s’ to 138 cubic inches.


Fort Wayne Speed Shop is a functional machine shop and can build your heads to whatever specification you want to whatever displacement you want.


We service all flywheels in-house, except Twin Cams and Milwaukee 8’s. We ship those out to Darkhorse Crankworks because we can only deal with the best. We are their largest customer as well as distributor and are proud of it.

S&S Authorized Dealer

We only use the best components in our engine builds. We proudly use S&S engine components in our builds simply because they are the best at what they do.

Dunlop American Elite

We are one of the largest dealers of Dunlop American Elites motorcycle tires simply because they are best tires for performance applications.